Video Pictures of 2018 Lysts on the Lake Jousting I was humbled to walk amongst Knights and Squires. Video created by Winfield of PaxLair.

2018 Lysts on the Lake

April 27-29, 2018
Castleton and Curtain Theater
7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr
Austin, TX 78730

Photos of 2018 Lysts on the Lake, by Winfield of PaxLair

I, Winfield, went to Lysts on the Lake for my first time this year (2018). I will DEFINITELY be there in 2019! This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I want another.

I got there early as people were still setting up (I sneaked in offering I was just a poor fisherman).

Horses, the horses!  They were so gorgeous! Strong, spirited, ready for action!

Squires and Knights getting ready, practicing, preparing their armour. Fabulous!

I was lost in another time, another era, where chivalry reigned and people walked and talked with dignity and respect.  No, they were not play-acting or role-playing.  I met real professionals in the art of Jousting.  Huzzah!

As I wandered around, I talked with anyone I could. I took many pictures.  By the end of the event two days later, I felt I had made 25 new friends!  And I shall see them again next year!

My friends, I am certain 2019 Lysts on the Lake will be magical.  It will be held April 26-28, 2019.  We can’t stay on Lord British’s property that weekend, but we can stay in hotels nearby. Evenings are pretty open after the Jousting, so we can do a lot that weekend.

I look forward to seeing everyone in April at the Lysts! Huzzah!